TrueVolve Technologies is software engineering company specialising in open source-based, cutting-edge technology projects. TrueVolve is a decentralised, distributed, collaborative company which places emphasis on innovation rather than location.

The TrueVolve team has a passion for knowledge, open source and technology. This is what defines us. We are ever in search of exciting new technologies, opportunities and adventures.

TrueVolve distinguishes itself from the hoard of other software development companies with the simple premise: We only take on projects that we believe in and interests us.

We operate on a global scale with partners and clients in USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa.



RAIN RFID and NFC projects

TrueVolve has been part of the development of a number of RAIN RFID and NFC based systems. We developed a mobile payment Android app with NFC.

TrueVolve does some very interesting work with RAIN RFID in partnership with the world’s largest vehicle number plate manufacturers.

TrueVolve is also a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31 which is responsible for automatic identification token standardization. This include barcodes, RAIN RFID, NFC and data structures for these auto-identification tokens.


Development of ISO/IEC 20248

ISO/IEC 20248 is a data structure standard for auto-identification tokens. This data structure consists of two parts: a digital signature and encoded data.  The implementation of this standard is concerned with the verifiability of the data it encodes by means of digital signatures. TrueVolve contributes to the development of the standard and we are also the principal developers of the reference system.


Suite 20248 products


TrueVolve has been working hard to mature and repackage the components we developed for ISO/IEC 20248 so that they can be stand alone products for third parties to purchase. The products and their prices will be made available on our website once they become available.

  • * DigSig Generation SDK, Android, Windows and Linux!
  • * DigSig Verification SDK, Android, Windows and Linux!
  • * Trust Manager portal for hosting ISO/IEC 20248 infrastructure


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